AP Rythu Runa Mafi 4th Phase List 2019 Released – Check Status @ apcbsportal.ap.gov.in

AP Rythu Runa Mafi 4th Phase List 2019: Andhra Pradesh state government launched the rythu runa mafi scheme for the support of farmers. The 4th phase of AP Rythu runa mafi scheme is now in progress. Under this scheme, the AP State government released a fund of Rs 3,900 Cr. Approximately 30 lakh farmers will get the financial help in 4th Phase raithu runa mafi. The Rythu runa mafi 5th phase will also be soon implemented after this phase has been completed. Rythu Sadhikara Samstha Complaints and settlements committee chairman, planning minister vice president, C Kutumbarao revealed the details of runa mafi 4th and 5th phase amount details at Undavalli Prajavedika. As per AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s instructions Kharif, raithu runa mafi process is going to be completed at this phase. The AP State Government decided to release the funds of AP 4th, and 5th runa mafi schemes at a time. While in order to differentiate between the interest rates, the government has again planned to release the funds separately for 4th and 5th phases. Both phases will be completed by 23rd May, as per C. Kutumbarao.

AP Rythu Runa Mafi 4th Phase List 2019 – Check Status @ apcbsportal.ap.gov.in

For farmers who are having Rs 1.50 lakh loan amount, Rs 30 thousand will be offered in each round. With an interest rate of 10% per year, the amount will be 9 thousand and the total will be 39 thousand. For the family who already got the support of runa mafi, the government will offer the principal amount of Rs 20 thousand along with interest of 6 thousand, that is a total of Rs 26 thousand will be offered. The eligible farmers will get loan relief documents, in order to avail this, the farmers have to visit the Bank FIC portal along with aadhar and ration cards. The farmers have to submit the list of the amount they will be getting and the banks will process by forwarding to the corresponding office. Raithu Sadhikara Samstha will release the funds immediately. On the 2nd day, the amount will be credited to farmer’s account. The total process will be completed within 48 hours.

AP Rythu Runa Mafi 4th Phase List 2019

Many of the farmers have canceled their accounts. By canceling the old accounts and taking new loans some farmer’s account numbers have been changed. By observing all these things, the government has instructed the farmers to reach the banks and give their details.

AP 4th and 5th round runa mafi details:

Total Number of farmer’s who got runa mafi in 5 shifts  Rs 58.32 Lakhs
Total amount relieved  Rs 24,500 Cr
The number of farmers who got the runa mafi time (below Rs 50 thousand)  23,76 lakh
Total amount to be given in 4th round runa mafi  Rs 3,900 cr
Number of farmers who can avail in this shift  30 lakh farmers

The AP Government spent Rs 24,500 Cr on the Rythu runa mafi till now. Yet, there is no corruption has taken place. At the time of YS, the corruption of Rs 700 to Rs 800 cr corruption took place for the whole amount of Rs 7 thousand cr, CAG said.

AP Rythu Runa Mafi Status @ apcbsportal.ap.gov.in

The AP Government will take action to reach the loan amounts immediately to the farmers. The text message will be sent to the farmer’s mobiles soon after the amount credited. The farmers who do not get the financial aid in 2nd and 3rd shifts of runa mafi will now get the whole amount.

The Government sets the accurate counter to the critics who blamed the AP financial aid policies. The women who took loans from the government are able to repay their loans due to the AP State government financial aid. On account of Pasupu Kunkuma scheme, the AP Government released a fund of Rs 3,980 cr in banks and the government gave a fund of Rs 9,800 cr for women empowerment. Commissioner C Kutunbarao advised taking the Pasupu Kunkuma amount from banks by visiting the banks sequentially to avoid the rush.

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